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Last weekend my friend Valentine Emma (28) and (30) decided to leave the weekend. We booked a room in a small, quiet hotel in the Scottish landscape and set out on adultsex Friday. Later Friday night after dinner we were in our room and sat on the bed against the wall when my head was slightly pushed forward through the wall. At that moment I realized how thin is the wall adultsex between the bedroom and one was next. on Saturday night after a romantic dinner and go back to our room which had been hot all night looking in her beautiful dress Emma tight. Once we were in the room we started kissing and soon they were naked. By putting them in bed together, it became clear that a house next door, knocking on the bedroom wall. It was a couple having sex in the next room ! over the next few minutes, the strongest beating and Emma asked me to give them. I have no time to lose, and sometimes deep into her, gave her the shit that had been waitingll due tomorrow. At this point I realized adultsex the beating had stopped only by a strong deep groan, which led me to be the man replaced. As Emma slowly fucked me so far assigned to the next door. By noise that sounded like he was sucking. When my thoughts adultsex to the next door has more graphics, Emma began to moan. Quiet at first then stronger ( it's usually very quiet) I liked the fact that adultsex he made a noise. My movements were harder than our bed and crashed against the wall, hit a rhythmic pounding erotic, sometimes the same noise coming from next door. Two beds beat the wall by a simultaneous explosion. I have done something right, as adultsex Emma moans adultsex grew louder. Whispered 'fuck, that feels good. ' I did not need more encouragement and continued his success, no matter what happens to begin with. Next door was the girl comes from, she and Emma drowned the groans of the two beds against the wall. I loved it. The idea of this stranges fucking shit we hear and the fact that they were only inches away! promoted Emma was very strong (I later learned ) by the sound of the girl next door. Within seconds I found my girlfriend fucking now the cry of the organization, from the time the hair and screaming next door. It was then that the two girls began to arrive in its entirety and screaming and cursing both came within seconds of each other. In this fills me with Emma! My cock immediately hard riding in pain, we just had. Christ, what a shit n! By putting in my arms I could hear the couple next door and talking about our shit. From what I gathered, had the girls were much better, I had to admit that there is certainly an unforgettable experience. A The next morning I was at breakfast the other pair on the spot and exchanged glances and smiles with the girls. I'm always willing to hear people shit, but this was the fist time such a thing had happened. I wonder if there are other couples who liketo listen and hear, damn do as much as me and Emma?
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